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St Eval Scented TealightsSt Eval Scented Tealights
St Eval Scented Tealights Sale price£9.50
Freckleface Reed DiffuserFreckleface Reed Diffuser
Freckleface Reed Diffuser Sale price£25.00
Freckleface Calm & Unwind Wax Melter Gift Set
Plum & Ashby CandlePlum & Ashby Candle
Plum & Ashby Candle Sale price£32.00
White Wax Melter
White Wax Melter Sale price£10.50
Plum & Ashby DiffuserPlum & Ashby Diffuser
Plum & Ashby Diffuser Sale price£32.00
Grey Wax MelterGrey Wax Melter
Grey Wax Melter Sale price£10.50
Scented Tin CandleScented Tin Candle
Scented Tin Candle Sale price£13.50
Luxury Match BottleLuxury Match Bottle
Luxury Match Bottle Sale price£14.50
Plum & Ashby Mini Votive CandlePlum & Ashby Mini Votive Candle
Sold outSleepy Head Room & Pillow Spray - Travel SizeSleepy Head Room & Pillow Spray - Travel Size
Porcini Candle HolderPorcini Candle Holder
Porcini Candle Holder Sale priceFrom £18.00

4 colors available

Fresh, Floral, Amber Votive Gift SetFresh, Floral, Amber Votive Gift Set
Sold outPersian Thyme Reed Diffuser - Light Grey ClayPersian Thyme Reed Diffuser - Light Grey Clay
Sold outPersian Thyme Room MistPersian Thyme Room Mist
Persian Thyme Room Mist Sale price£20.00
Orbital Step Candle Holder - LargeOrbital Step Candle Holder - Large

3 colors available

Persian Thyme Scented Candle - Light Grey ClayPersian Thyme Scented Candle - Light Grey Clay
Freckleface New Home Wax Melt Gift Set
The Peace Pure Essential Oil BlendThe Peace Pure Essential Oil Blend
Sold outNordic Cedar Room Mist
Nordic Cedar Room Mist Sale price£20.00
Sold outNordic Cedar Reed Diffuser - White Clay
Sold outMoroccan Rose Scented Candle
Plum & Ashby Fireside Embers CandlePlum & Ashby Fireside Embers Candle
The Peace Luxury Natural Aromatherapy CandleThe Peace Luxury Natural Aromatherapy Candle
Before Sleep Pillow MistBefore Sleep Pillow Mist
Before Sleep Pillow Mist Sale price£18.00
Sold outIndian Sandalwood Scented Candle
Persian Thyme Scented Jar CandlePersian Thyme Scented Jar Candle
The Tonic Room DiffuserThe Tonic Room Diffuser
The Tonic Room Diffuser Sale price£38.00
Happy Space Scented Jar CandleHappy Space Scented Jar Candle
The Peace Organic Atmosphere & Linen MistThe Peace Organic Atmosphere & Linen Mist
The Peace Room DiffuserThe Peace Room Diffuser
The Peace Room Diffuser Sale price£38.00
Nordic Cedar Scented Jar CandleNordic Cedar Scented Jar Candle
Himalayan Cedarleaf Scented Candle
Mothers Day Wax Melt Gift SetMothers Day Wax Melt Gift Set
Moroccan Rose Scented Jar CandleMoroccan Rose Scented Jar Candle
Sleep Happy Pillow MistSleep Happy Pillow Mist
Sleep Happy Pillow Mist Sale price£18.00
Sleep Happy Scented Jar CandleSleep Happy Scented Jar Candle
Sold outIndian Sandalwood Reed DiffuserIndian Sandalwood Reed Diffuser
Sold outNordic Cedar Scented Candle - White ClayNordic Cedar Scented Candle - White Clay
The Tonic Pure Essential Oil BlendThe Tonic Pure Essential Oil Blend
Indian Sandalwood Scented Jar CandleIndian Sandalwood Scented Jar Candle
Nordic Cedar Fragrance OilNordic Cedar Fragrance Oil
Nordic Cedar Fragrance Oil Sale price£15.00
Happy Space Fragrance OilHappy Space Fragrance Oil
Happy Space Fragrance Oil Sale price£15.00
The Quiet Pure Essential Oil BlendThe Quiet Pure Essential Oil Blend
The Quiet Room DiffuserThe Quiet Room Diffuser
The Quiet Room Diffuser Sale price£38.00
The Quiet Luxury Natural Aromatherapy CandleThe Quiet Luxury Natural Aromatherapy Candle
The Tonic Luxury Natural Aromatherapy CandleThe Tonic Luxury Natural Aromatherapy Candle
Moroccan Rose Fragrance OilMoroccan Rose Fragrance Oil
Moroccan Rose Fragrance Oil Sale price£15.00