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Sleepy Head Room & Pillow Spray - Travel Size

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Trusted by thousands of customers, our bestselling 'Sleepy Head' sleep spray helps you drift off into a blissful, natural nights sleep. 

The relaxing pillow mist with essential oils to prepare the mind and body for sleep. Also use for deep relaxation and meditation.

Organic Lavender has been blended with Chamomile and Frankincense, a powerful combination to de-stress and unwind your mind and body. 

How to use: Generously mist throughout the air and onto linens and pillows to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of the essential oils. Always test first when spraying onto fabrics.

Key Ingredients:

  • Organic Lavender - Alleviates anxiety and stress
  • Frankincense  - Calming and relaxing
  • Chamomile  - Soothing

Caution: Keep out of children’s reach. Do not drink. In case of eye contact, rinse well.

Cruelty Free, No Parabens, Vegan.

*Designed as a natural sleep aid to use before bed. Suitable for use on linen.

*Certified organic