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If you are passionate about, and value, your employees' mental health, then we are the gift partner for you.

Wellbeing & self-care are at the heart of everything we do. Our gifts are designed to make the people who receive them feel great. From the moment they receive their wellbeing gift they’ll be delighted by what they find.

Choosing a gift that actively supports the core pillars of wellbeing, is a great way for an organisation to show that it is committed to the mental and physical health of its employees or wider network.

Aside from knowing that you are instrumental in an individual’s happiness, taking steps to promote good workplace wellbeing can improve productivity, motivation, retention and even attract people to your organisation.

Corporate health and wellbeing is the state of being comfortable, healthy or happy at work and it is proven to be beneficial to both employees and organisations. Promoting wellbeing can help to reduce long term absenteeism as a result of stress and mental health problems, by creating a positive working environment where individuals and organisations can thrive.

We are here to curate gifts that promote a sense of wellbeing, happiness and celebration. Encouraging people to celebrate life’s simple pleasures with thoughtfully curated gift boxes, we help small and large companies to distribute a one-off delivery or program of wellbeing gifts that can help support the following company milestones.

- Welcoming new starters
- Celebrating employee milestones
- Onboarding gifts
- Product launches
- Employee appreciation/thank you gifts
- Incentive programmes
- Events & conferences
- To foster a company culture of health and wellbeing
- To promote wellbeing at work
- To introduce a wellbeing program to staff
- Thanking customers & clients
- Celebrating major seasonal events such as Christmas!

Delivering a wellbeing package can help employees feel more open to discuss struggles with mental health and encourage staff to make their own wellbeing a priority. The simple gesture of receiving one of our care packages helps employees to feel cared for by their employer and can promote a sense of belonging and motivation, especially when working from home. Our care packages provide a practical, tangible way to deliver wellbeing to the door or desk.

We offer a complimentary 30 minutes consultation so we can get a complete understanding of your gift requirements such as; the purpose of the gift, the desired budget, if the gifts will need delivering to individual addresses or the company premises, the background of the organisation and the demographic you work with or have working with you and crucially the vision, values and ethos of the organisation.

Following on from your consultation, we then create three gift proposals based on your requirements, which could include creating a bespoke gift box based on your brand values and corporate colours or a selection from our pre-curated, ready to send gift boxes that are available on our website.

If you have a specific idea for a Luxury Gift Box or Letterbox Gift then SELF can bring this to life for you, as we can build gift boxes specifically to suit your needs and budget.

Woodhall Spa


One of key values here at Self UK is to play our part in giving a little back which is why we both source products from fellow independents in order to support small businesses and make a donation to the MIND charity with every purchase.


“If you want something that is uniquely created for you / your business, this is the right place to be. We asked to put together a unisex wellbeing box that would appeal to both men and women – and they went above and beyond just that.

Suzie really listened and helped us to simplify our ideas to create a box that was not only ‘on brand’ but was incredibly well thought through. As part of the project, donated £1 for every box produced, which during these unprecedented of Covid-19, was incredibly well-received by our employees. Suzie’s thoughtfulness and attention to detail truly sets apart from all other companies we had come across.

Not only was Suzie fantastic to work with, she went above and beyond to ensure it was right for us - and it was executed flawlessly.

A huge thank you to and the independent brands who worked incredibly hard to deliver our tight deadline – we wish them every success.”

Cellnex UK