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Spacemasks Sale priceFrom £3.85
Engraved Wooden Pocket HugEngraved Wooden Pocket Hug
Botanical Bath BombsBotanical Bath Bombs
Botanical Bath Bombs Sale price£5.95
Freckleface Mini Luxury CandleFreckleface Mini Luxury Candle
Ampersand EDP (50ml)Ampersand EDP (50ml)
Ampersand EDP (50ml) Sale price£59.99
Cotton & Grey Mini CandlesCotton & Grey Mini Candles
Cotton & Grey Mini Candles Sale price£14.95
Plum & Ashby Bath EssencePlum & Ashby Bath Essence
Plum & Ashby Bath Essence Sale price£19.00
Vegan Nail VarnishVegan Nail Varnish
Vegan Nail Varnish Sale price£8.95

6 colors available

Chalk Hand CreamChalk Hand Cream
Chalk Hand Cream Sale price£11.00
Lip BalmLip Balm
Lip Balm Sale price£6.00
Plum & Ashby Bath SaltsPlum & Ashby Bath Salts
Plum & Ashby Bath Salts Sale price£15.00
Luxury Faux Fur Eye MaskLuxury Faux Fur Eye Mask
Luxury Faux Fur Eye Mask Sale price£25.00

3 colors available

Deck Of CardsDeck Of Cards
Deck Of Cards Sale price£12.00
Bailey Hot Water BottleBailey Hot Water Bottle
Bailey Hot Water Bottle Sale price£22.50

2 colors available

Sold outThe Pure Silk Eye MaskThe Pure Silk Eye Mask
The Pure Silk Eye Mask Sale price£30.00

2 colors available

The Peace Rollerball Pulse Point OilThe Peace Rollerball Pulse Point Oil
The Peace Pure Essential Oil BlendThe Peace Pure Essential Oil Blend
Charlie Luxury Faux Fur Hot Water BottleCharlie Luxury Faux Fur Hot Water Bottle

2 colors available

The Tonic Room DiffuserThe Tonic Room Diffuser
The Tonic Room Diffuser Sale price£35.00
The Peace Luxury Natural Aromatherapy CandleThe Peace Luxury Natural Aromatherapy Candle
The Peace Bath SaltsThe Peace Bath Salts
The Peace Bath Salts Sale price£35.00
The Peace Organic Atmosphere & Linen MistThe Peace Organic Atmosphere & Linen Mist
The Peace Room DiffuserThe Peace Room Diffuser
The Peace Room Diffuser Sale price£35.00
Self Care For Tough Times
Self Care For Tough Times Sale price£12.99
Healing Stones SetHealing Stones Set
Healing Stones Set Sale price£25.00
Sold outBefore Sleep Pillow MistBefore Sleep Pillow Mist
Before Sleep Pillow Mist Sale price£18.00
Deliciously Healthy Menopause
Curly Eye MaskCurly Eye Mask
Curly Eye Mask Sale price£27.00
The Peace Organic Hand and Body MoisturiserThe Peace Organic Hand and Body Moisturiser
The Peace Organic Body and Hand CleanserThe Peace Organic Body and Hand Cleanser
The Quiet Luxury Natural Aromatherapy CandleThe Quiet Luxury Natural Aromatherapy Candle
Sold outHappy Skin Kitchen
Happy Skin Kitchen Sale price£25.00
The Tonic Organic Hand and Body MoisturiserThe Tonic Organic Hand and Body Moisturiser
The Tonic Organic Hand and Body CleanserThe Tonic Organic Hand and Body Cleanser
The Quiet Pure Essential Oil BlendThe Quiet Pure Essential Oil Blend
The Tonic Pure Essential Oil BlendThe Tonic Pure Essential Oil Blend
Sold outIt's Ok To Talk: A Practical Guide to Mental Health for Men
The Self Rollerball Pulse Point OilThe Self Rollerball Pulse Point Oil
The Quiet Room DiffuserThe Quiet Room Diffuser
The Quiet Room Diffuser Sale price£35.00
The Tonic Luxury Natural Aromatherapy CandleThe Tonic Luxury Natural Aromatherapy Candle
Deliciously Healthy Pregnancy
Sold outChi Aroma DiffuserChi Aroma Diffuser
Chi Aroma Diffuser Sale price£85.00
The Tonic Rollerball Pulse Point OilThe Tonic Rollerball Pulse Point Oil
Sold outMorning Rituals
Morning Rituals Sale price£9.99
Your Mind Matters
Your Mind Matters Sale price£12.99
Little Book Of Rest
Little Book Of Rest Sale price£9.99
Home Therapy
Home Therapy Sale price£30.00
Lagom - The Swedish Art Of Balanced Living