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Rockahula Hair Ponies

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Ballet Shoes - The sweetest little ballet slippers in soft pink glitter adorn this set of four ponies. Made from recycled satin and felt, they feature two satin hearts on gold elastics, and two glittery sets of ballet slippers detailed with pretty pink ribbon.

Bertie Bee & Daisy - You can't help but bee happy when wearing this cute set of ponies! The busiest little bumble bees adorn two elastics, whilst daisies with pom pom details adorn another two elastics. Each bee is delicately detailed with a smiley face, and two dainty little wings to help keep him buzzing around all summer long!

Betty Bunny BloomThe sweetest little bunnies adorn two elastics, whilst hand tied bows in our beautiful bloom fabric adorn another two elastics. Each bunny is delicately detailed with glittery ears and a cute little flower in her hair!

Betty Bunny MeadowThe sweetest little bunnies adorn this cute set of four ponies, with hand tied bows in our pink meadow floral fabric. Each bunny is delicately detailed with glittery ears and a little flower in her hair! 

Bunny Pom PomThis pack of four ponies are the perfect way to add sweetness to your day! Featuring two pom pom bunny ponies with glittery ears, and two with fun pink hearts.

Ditsy Hoppy Bunny - Hop to it with this sweet set of four ponies. Featuring two ditsy gingham fabric bunnies on pastel green elastics, and two pink flowers on shimmering gold elastics. 

Ice Cream ScoopHelp yourself to a scoop of our delicious pom pom Ice Cream Ponies this summer! This four pack of ponies features two sweet pastel ice cream's on pink elastics, and two happy glistening suns on gold elastics.

Kimmy Koala - This pack of four ponies feature two little Kimmy Koalas, each sat on a dusky pink elastic, and two gorgeous spotty hand tied bows on shimmering gold elastic. Perfect in plaits or pony tails - wear them one at a time or all together!

Magical RainbowBrighten up even the rainiest of days with our magical rainbow! This pack of four gorgeous ponies feature sparkly magical rainbows on two pink elastics, and two pretty soft pink pom poms on gold elastics.

Polly Pig - The sweetest little piggies adorn two elastics, whilst soft pink pom poms adorn another two elastics. Each pig is detailed with a flower and a curly little tail! Perfect for any springtime farm adventures! 

Spotty Scottie Dog - This four pack of ponies feature our sweet and playful Scottie dogs who are the perfect companion for picnic adventures at the park! This pack includes two adorable Scottie dogs on spotty elastics, and two love glittery hearts on gold shimmer elastics. 

Strawberry Fair - This pack of four ponies are the perfect way to add a little fun to any summer day! Our pony pack includes four different designs, for you to wear one at a time or all at once. Featuring our glittery strawberry, a daisy, a pink heart and our sweet Bertie Bee!  

Teddy Bear & BowThe pack of four ponies are the perfect way to add some sweetness to your day! Featuring two teddy bears made from the softest brown fur, with glitter nose and ear detailing, secured to dusky pink elastics. Two chiffon style ivory bows detailed with little gold foil hearts, secured to gold shimmering elastic complete the set!

Unicorn GlitterWe believe in unicorns! And so can you, with a pack of three mixed ponies. Featuring a mythical glitter unicorn, a pastel multi-coloured bow, and a glitter heart.


Matching clips also available.

Not suitable for children under 36 months due to small parts.

Rockahula Hair Ponies
Rockahula Hair Ponies Sale price£7.00