The Self 'Sleep' Candle


Our beautiful relaxing essential oil soy candle 'Sleep' is intended to create a relaxing atmosphere, through its beautiful pure essential oil blend of bergamot, lavender and amber.

Bergamot evokes feelings of emotional wellbeing and encourages feelings of relaxation, blended with lavender and amber which promotes feelings of mindfulness and serenity.

This is a beautiful cosy and warming scent that will leave you feeling relaxed, at ease and prepared for a good nights sleep. 'Sleep' is a 30cl, pure essential oil candle with a burn time of approx 40-45 hours. It will fill a room instantly with its natural scent and calming aroma. We recommend using this candle when you need to unwind and get the best eight hours possible!

All of our soy candles are created, blended & hand poured in the UK. 

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