The Self 'Revive' Candle


A beautiful fresh and uplifting citrus blend of lemon, eucalyptus and mint essential oils, blended specially to help you feel revived and uplifted, evoking feelings of energy and re awakening.

The blended essential oils have top notes of refreshing lemon balm and verbena, middle notes of eucalyptus and base notes of uplifting mint and vetiver, perfect for mood boosting and renewal and growth.

The fresh citrus scent of this soy candle evokes feelings of emotional wellbeing and encourages feelings of revitalised and renewal when mixed with eucalyptus & mint promotes feelings of mood boasting in your home.

'Revive' is a 30cl, pure essential oil candle with a burn time of approx 40-45 hours. It will fill a room instantly with its natural scent and calming aroma. We recommend using this candle when you need to feel uplifted and revitalised at home. 

All of our candles are created, blended & handpoured in the UK. 

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