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Pure Soul Spinning Ring


Spinning rings, also referred to as meditation rings, motion rings, worry rings, and anxiety rings have been used for centuries in mantra techniques to relieve anxiety, calm the mind, and soothe the soul; their repetitive spinning motion instantly relaxing the spirit.


The birthstone of October, it is a stone of hope, compassion, creativity and confidence.  It will magnify existing personality traits, whether bad or good and bring those attributes to the fore.  It will help the wearer realise their true potential and worth

Green Onyx

A vibrant alternative to Emerald, the birthstone of May. Green Onyx attracts positive energy and boost confidence.  A symbol of purity and restfulness it can soothe one’s heart, bringing a calm emotional state.

Swiss Blue Topaz

The birthstone of November and a truly powerful gemstone, symbolising love and affection.  Often said to bring strength and intelligence to the wearer, it carries the energies of good fortune.

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