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Holi Prosperity Spinning Ring


Spinning rings, also referred to as meditation rings, motion rings, worry rings, and anxiety rings have been used for centuries in mantra techniques to relieve anxiety, calm the mind, and soothe the soul; their repetitive spinning motion instantly relaxing the spirit.


The bright and vibrant birthstone of February, a delightful variety of the quartz family of stones.  Amethyst is said to strengthen relationships and give its wearer courage.


This unusual and unique gem represents strength and good fortune, it is the birthstone of August. The distinctive lime green glow has earned this gorgeous gemstone the title ‘The Evening Emerald’. The stone is also believed to protect the wearer from nightmares and aid restful sleep.

Rhodolite Garnet

The birthstone of January, it is a vibrant, captivating and sensuous stone. For centuries, Garnet has been used as a talisman for personal protection and is known as the ‘Gem of Faith’, meaning that it has the ability to bestow, health, wealth and eternal happiness on the owner.

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