Tabitha Eve

Rosemary & Frankincense Pamper Gift Set - Zero Waste


What is this?

Ethically handmade in the UK. This beautifully packaged pamper bath gift set includes:

DOOK Salt Soap - choose from either Mandarin, Bergamot, Rosemary & Cedar or Rosemary & Frankincense.

Tabitha Eve 100% organic cotton Soap Saver pouch. 

The perfect plastic-free, zero-waste, luxury, sustainable gift for the eco-friendly friend in your life.

What is it made from?

100% Organic Cotton Soap Saver

See DOOK Salt Soap ingredients below

Vegan and Cruelty Free

Ethically handmade in the UK

Why is it fabulous?

Dook is a small, artisanal company based in Edinburgh, Scotland.  They make salt soap in small batches using organic ingredients, essential oils and natural colours.  Each batch is mixed and poured by hand resulting in distinctive, high-quality hand and body soap. Their soaps are vegan, plastic-free, natural and eco-friendly.

Use in the shower in place of gel, in the bath or by your bathroom or kitchen sink.  These soap bars will leave your skin feeling cleansed, fresh and moisturised.

How to Use:

Lather the soap between your hands and wash with the thick luxurious foam.

If you like to apply soap directly to your skin put the soap inside the soap saver pouch to protect sensitive parts from the mildly scratchy salt grains.

Key ingredients:

Himalayan Salt

Like all dook salt soaps, 50% of its weight is made up of Himalayan pink salt.  This incredible ingredient is packed full of skin loving trace minerals that are known for their detoxifying, exfoliating and rejuvenating skin support.

Organic Coconut Oil

Famous for its cleansing abilities, coconut oil is the special ingredient that enables a soap so salty to have a wonderful lather. It’s the coconut oil that generates that smooth lotion like foam.

 Raw Organic Shea Butter

Shea butter is a wonderful moisturising ingredient, in its raw form it also contains vitamins A, E and F which are great for boosting skin health and minerals which are known for their antioxidant and anti-inflammatory qualities. A superfood for your skin.

French green clay ( Mandarin, Bergamot, Rosemary & Cedar only)

A natural skin decongestant and purifier.  Green clay, also known as bentonite clay and montmorillonite, is brilliant for absorbing excess oils and removing impurities from your pores. 

Activated Charcoal ( Rosemary & Frankincense only)

The swirl of charcoal grey through your bar adds a classy touch and so much more: the charcoal is "activated" by steam processing it at very high temperatures. The high temperatures change its internal structure, reducing the size of its pores and increasing its surface area. This means that each grain of charcoal in your soap absorbs more toxins and impurities from your skin, preventing your body from absorbing them.

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